Nutrimill Grain Mill

Nutrimill Grain Mill

World's first variable, high speed mill motor. 1 to 1 ratio for milling grain into flour. TruFeed precision flow control, TruTrack bowl locking system and TwistLock to secure the lid. Simple storage, quiet operation. 20 cup bowl capacity. 1 3/4 HP motor.

You already know that you need to mill flour fresh in your kitchen to give your family all of the nutrition that Nature intended. The Nutrimill has the latest technology advancements giving you the most milling control. You get the results you want.

New innovative variable high speed grain mill. Mill grains and beans with the Nutrimill into fresh flour in minutes.

Nutrimill's advanced technology includes:

  • Improved texture control
  • Stronger milling heads
  • Unique Force/Flow sound/air chamber design
  • 50% noise reduction
  • Improved motor cooling
  • Longer mill life
  • 20 cup bowl capacity
  • Weight 14 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6" Diameter 11.5" Tall
  • Manufactured in Korea
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Nutrimill will mill the following:
Wheat (hard and soft), buckwheat, split peas, popcorn, sorghum (milo), tritical, rye, rice, and millet.

Use caution when milling the following in the Nutrimill:
Fill the hopper no more than 2/3 - 3/4 with grain as they produce more flour volume. Dried lentils, dried sweet corn, dried pinto beans, dried green beans, dried mung beans, legumes (generally), dried garbanzo beans, quinoa, oat groats, spelt, barley, soybeans, chick peas, and kamut.

Do not mill any of the following in the Nutrimill:
Oatmeal, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, nuts of any kind, coffee beans, sugar, dried fruits, dates or raisins, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and spices.

Avoid grains, beans and seeds that have a high oil or moisture content. Non commercially dried products may cause plugging.

Nutrimill Components

  • Hopper lid - Quieter milling
  • Hopper extension
  • Mill Unit - Variable speed, texture control, 3x Air Flow, Force Flow Air Chamber, TruGrind Milling Heads, TruFeed Grain Control
  • Bowl Lid - Twist lock onto bowl
  • Separator Cup - Separates exhaust air from flour for clean milling
  • Washable Filter - For clean air exhaust
  • Flour Bowl - Over 20 cup capacity, large easy grip handles
  • Base - TruTrack Guides bowl into place, increases airflow

Nutrimill Texture Control Guide:

Nutrimill High-Low Knob = Speed Control:

The motor speed helps determine the texture of your flour or meal

  • Using the Nutrimill, for most flour, turn dial to high
  • Using the Nutrimill, for very coarse flour and medium fine corn meal, turn dial to low
  • Using the Nutrimill, for heavy flour and dense textured breads, select a middle setting. Adjust for desired results in the future based on your experience using the Nutrimill.
Nutrimill Fine-Course Knob = Texture Control

The Nutrimill Fine-Coarse Knob is the ON-OFF switch and a valve that controls how quickly the grains can flow into the mill. (You can look under the Nutrimill's inlet cover and see how this valve opens and closes.)

  • Using the Nutrimill, for finer flour, set the dial towards FINER. (Most grains will not flow at less than a 10:00 position on the dial.)
  • Using the Nutrimill, for coarse flour, turn the dial towards COARSER.
  • Large items such as beans won't begin to flow until the dial is set quite far to the right of center.
  • Texture results also vary with the kind of grain being milled in the Nutrimill. Soft grains such as oats, mill much finer than hard grains. Hard wheat mills more coarsely than soft wheat.

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